Nomination for
Information Technology Executive of the Year

Closing Date for Nominations 10/15/2015


From SIM's Mission Statement: "SIM brings together IT leaders to share, network and give back to their communities through the collaboration of local chapters."

In an effort to recognize this type of leadership, the Research Triangle Park Chapter of SIM is establishing The SIM-RTP Information Technology Executive of the Year Award. This award will be presented during the December SIM Premier CIO Regional Forum and recognizes a regional IT Executive who has demonstrated leadership, collaboration and/or impact to their organization and business. The nominee or nominator does not have to be a member of SIM or Premier CIO.

SIM is looking for a broad array of nominations from various types of institutions, levels of expertise and experience. IT Executives should be nominated by colleagues or peers with nominations also being reviewed by a committee of peers.

The nomination should focus on specific examples and outcomes wherever possible. The committee will evaluate each nomination based on the potential and stated impact on their organization. However, impact is not exclusive to IT Executives with extensive experience. The following demonstrate potential impact across various levels of experience:

  • An IT Executive with 1-3 years of experience may have realigned or reorganized operations for a more effective organization that benefited the business
  • An IT Executive with 3-5 years of experience may have set a new strategic direction for the IT organization that benefited the business
  • An IT Executive with 5+ years of experience may have led an organization through a series of strategic change(s) in technologies that benefited the business

Each of the following three areas must be completed for each nomination. The bullets below each criterion are simply guides/suggestions for topics. However, the nominee should provide as much specificity as possible in each category.

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Describe this IT Executive's strategic impact to the organization and/or business. Examples may include: - Provided opportunities for staff development that moved technologies and staff to the next level of effectiveness/efficiencies (Example may include percent of staff that have been given development opportunities over a period of time.) - Moved IT organization from operational to strategic and in alignment with core business - Demonstrated ability to manage the business of IT (including budget and staffing) while understanding the overall core business Proved ability to lead through a serious unanticipated event - such as a major security breach
Describe at least one project that had a significant impact on the business. Answer one or more of the questions below as part of your response. What was the project? Who were the key stakeholders? What was the breadth of impact to the organization and beyond?
Provide the specific outcomes/impact to the business of at least one project/initiative from above.